Usage rules of Rural Dog Park

This is a summary of the rules for access and use of Rural Dog Park "Quinta Patudos", which must be taken into account by all users.

  1. The access to the Park is restricted to Quinta dos Patudos Association members. Its usage is subject to appointment on the opening schedules.
  2. The entrance is forbidden to dogs using prong, choke, shock chains/collars/leashes.
  3. When outside the rings, all dogs must be on leash.
  4. When outside the rings, dogs that exhibit aggressive behaviors towards other dogs or people should wear a muzzle.
  5. At the arrival to the Park, the dogs should be taken, on leash, to one of the areas reserved as dog bathroom “WC dos Patudos”. The waste must be discarded to the design place (“POOP” boxes).
  6. The dog’s entrance and exit to the rings can only happen after authorization from the Park’s staff.
  7. In the Park’s area, it’s strictly forbidden to inflict any kind of punishment (physical or psychological) on the dogs. It’s also forbidden the use of aversive training methods.
  8. It’s not allowed to practice exercises or activities that can inflict physical or psychological damage to the dogs.
  9. It’s forbidden to tie the dog’s leash in any natural or artificial element of the Park. If you need to confine your dog temporarily, please use a crate or your vehicle (if the weather is favorable to it).
  10. It’s forbidden to smoke inside of the rings and in the environmental trail. It’s also forbidden to dispose the cigarettes on the ground.
  11. Before you leave the ring, please make sure that there are not any food or toy rewards left behind.
  12. All the damage caused by the dogs on other dogs or people are the dog’s owners’ responsibility.
  13. All lesions or diseases the dogs may contract are the dog’s owners’ responsibility.
  14. It’s mandatory to follow all the rules of the environmental trail’s usage.

This summary of rules does not exempt the read of "Regulations for Access and Use of Rural Dog Park "Quinta dos Patudos"  which can be found here (only in portuguese version)!


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