"À Descoberta da Quinta" são eventos que a Quinta dos Patudos está a realizar mensalmente até à abertura ao público do parque rural canino prevista para o próximo outono.

A descoberta da Quinta


Come discover with your dogs the place where is being built the rural dog park "Quinta dos Patudos". We are preparing a program full of fun and surprises for you and your doggies.
Participation in this event is free but prior registration is required! Fill the application form at the bottom of this page.



Ended on December 31 the contest "Mascotes da Quinta" organized by "Quinta dos Patudos" with the collaboration of "4 Patas na Cozinha".

Participated in this contest 42 dogs and 26 humans. The dogs of the 5 winners will receive the delicacies "4 Patas na Cozinha" and all dogs who participated in the contest will receive invitations to attend the inauguration of the "Quinta dos Patudos" or, if unable, to visit any other date.

Our congratulations to all dogs who participated, and these doggies from now join Sapphire and Gué-Gué as mascots of "Quinta dos Patudos"!

A very special thanks to all who participated in the contest by publishing the photos of its dogs and all others who participated by voting on their favorite dogs!