Registration is now open for the Flyball Club of the rural dog park "Quinta dos Patudos", for members of the "Quinta dos Patudos" Association wishing to learn about this sport, to train and practice it.

Flyball is the fastest canine sport and the only one that is practiced exclusively as a team. It is a relay race to four dogs, in a team of 6. The dogs run on a straight track, which contains four jumps and a box that dogs must engage with paws, and that throws a tennis ball.



The "Quinta dos Patudos" Flyball Club will work every two weeks with one hour sessions, on weekends, at a time to later hit among members who sign up and involves the payment of an additional fee of 2.50 € per month.

If you are interested, and already are a member of the "Quinta dos Patudos" Association, fill in the following form included below. If you are not a member, see here the conditions to join!


Park Clubs Registration Form


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