“Quinta dos Patudos" is a non-profit association that is responsible for the implementation and management of this dog Park. When you join us you are helping this Project and you can be actively involved. We want to include people that share the same interest as we do.


Membership benefits 

  • Access to the ring and park equipment, alone or in group, so you can exercise, train and / or play sports with your dogs;
  • Exclusive access or discounts in activities sponsored by Quinta dos Patudos Association (workshops and other training activities about dog education and training and dog sports);
  • Exclusive access or special uses of the Park’s infrastructures for other activities (like dog’s birthday parties for example);


Registration fee

After your registration’s approval by “Quinta dos Patudos” Association board you will need to pay a one-time fee in the amount of 10,00€.


Membership fees

The annual membership fee is 20,00€


For join us now go to this page