Discover "Quinta dos Patudos"


What are we?

"Quinta dos Patudos" is a rural dog park, set in a farm land with 4,200m2 at S. Bartolomeu de Messines (Silves). Our main objective is to fulfill the lack of spaces and equipment where dogs can be exercised and trained in safe conditions.

Being localized in a rural area and the fact that the place where the park is installed has a mediterranean scrub area that we preserve and will continue to value allows the possibility to combine dog related activities with the contact and discovery of nature and also, to perform activities in the area of environmental education.



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Who are we?

The dog rural park is run by "Associação Quinta dos Patudos", a nonprofit organization founded in september 2015, by a group of residents in algarve who have qualifications and experience in dog training and education.



What we do?

There are fenced spaces (1400 m2) and equipment for: exercising, playing, socialization and training with your dogs and for canine sports’ practice (obedience, agility, flyball, disc dog, etc.)

"Quinta dos Patudos"’ volunteers have basic qualifications in dog training and education. They provide technical support to guide you and your dog with the use of the park’s equipment and they can assess your dog and recommend (if needed) professional help for you and your dog.

Conducting awareness and training activities (demonstrations, workshops, seminars, etc.) on canine education and training, dog sports and other activities with dogs.

Development of projects and activities in the areas of animal welfare, animal assisted activities and environmental education.

Support the implementation, by other entities, of activities that respect and promote animal welfare.



What we have in Quinta dos Patudos?

We have fenced spaces and equipment for basic dog training and sports. There is an environmental trail. There are lounge areas and a picnic area. We have removable structures to support events and activities. 

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How we work?

The acess to the spaces and equipment can be done individually or by a group, through an appointment in the opening hours we disclose regularly.

Who want to use regularly the park's infrastructure with their dogs, must register as associate of "Associação Quinta dos Patudos", paying fees for the access to the spaces and equipment of the park.

Are also allowed visits and specific uses of Quinta dos Patudos by individuals and groups not associated with the Associação Quinta dos Patudos, which are also subject to appointment. In this case the association appeals to users to make small donations to help make ends meet with investment and maintenance of the park.

The access to and use of the Rural Park Quinta dos Patudos is subject to compliance with a regulation that aims to ensure the safety and convenience of users and promote animal welfare.



Where are we?

On national road nº 270 (between Paderne and Messines) near by Monte Branco (GPS: N 37º 13.238’ – W 8º 14.309’)



More info?

Keep up with this project on Facebook. Contacts: email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and mobile 933 715 709.



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